Outreach Services

Mentoring Program

The purpose of this program is to connect current students interested in IR or colleagues newer to the field of IR with experienced IR professionals. Participation in this program will enhance professional development for mentees, strengthen mentors’ leadership skills, and strengthen future membership of INAIR.

Expectations of Mentors

Mentors are expected to attend the INAIR conference at least on the first day. Mentors and mentees will initially meet on this day before the luncheon. Mentors will be expected to help their mentees understand which conference sessions might be most useful, and to introduce their mentees to other colleagues in the field. After the conference, mentors should contact their mentees at least once per quarter to check in with them and answer any questions they may have. Mentors may consider helping their mentees with resume development, selection of coursework that may help build knowledge in the field, determining contacts for job opportunities, etc. Mentors may give general advice in their areas of expertise, but are not expected to help mentees with coursework or job assignments.

Expectations of Mentees

Mentees are expected to attend the INAIR conference at least on the first day to meet their mentor and be introduced to colleagues. Although mentees will be contacted every quarter by their mentors, mentees may contact their mentor more often if questions or needs arise. Mentees are expected to understand that their mentors hold full-time jobs and to be respectful of their mentors’ time.

Length of Mentoring Relationship

Mentors and mentees will be expected to continue their mentoring relationship for at least one year after the initial meeting at the conference unless special circumstances arise. Mentorships can continue longer if both parties desire, but no particular commitment is required after the one year commitment is fulfilled.

Evaluation of Program

At the end of the mentoring year, mentors and mentees will each receive surveys assessing their satisfaction with the program and gathering suggestions for improvement.

Mentee Assignment or Reassignment

The mentor program coordinator will attempt to assign individuals to mentors working in the mentees’ areas of greatest interest. If this is not possible, mentees and mentors in the same geographic area will be matched. No more than two new mentees may be assigned to one mentor at one time. The mentor program coordinator will not assign more than one mentee to a mentor without first obtaining approval from the mentor.
Any mentor or mentee unable to continue the mentoring relationship during the one year commitment period should contact the mentor program coordinator for reassignment.

If you are interested in getting involved in this program, please email Brooke Moreland-Williams at bromorel@iupui.edu