Welcome to INAIR

What is INAIR?

INAIR is the Indiana Association for Institutional Research. It is composed of faculty and staff at Indiana’s public and private, two and four-year colleges, and others who are interested in the study of postsecondary education. It is a regional affiliate of the international Association for Institutional Research.

What is Institutional Research?

Institutional research is the function of gathering and analyzing data about student enrollment, their performance, and their success. Institutional research also includes gathering and analyzing data about faculty and staff, financial analysis, comparisons with other institutions, and demographic analysis.

What are INAIR’s goals?

Help institutional researchers function more effectively.
Provide networking opportunities for members.
Increase awareness of institutional research.
Increase membership of institutions in Indiana who will benefit from and contribute to professional development in institutional research.

Who may join?

Membership is open to any individual who conducts institutional research or related functions. It is also open to those individuals who are interested in institutional research.

What are the benefits of membership?

There are several benefits to joining INAIR. Each year, the Association holds an annual meeting to share ideas, research methodologies and explore new technologies. Nationally recognized keynote speakers are invited to provide a national perspective on current issues. The conference also provides great opportunities for professional development and networking.

How do we communicate?

INAIR communicates through newsletters and a listserv. To subscribe to the INAIR listserv, send an email with the command: SUBscribe INAIR